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The very first Hit The Spot! burger was served from a char-broiler at the Montavilla Farmer’s Market in 2014 by Jeremy Sivers, and his son, Elijah Sivers; a couple of all-American boys on a quest to serve up the "backyard barbecue nostalgia" in the form of an affordable, flavorful, juicy, scrumptious cheeseburger. And the result of that quest has since been well received by our community. We have been repeatedly voted “The Best Burger in Portland” on Yelp, Oregonian, Oregon Live, Eater PDX, Portland Monthly, Willamette Week, foodies like Bill Oakley and many more. 


In 2018, I caught up with an old friend who was determined to open a food cart. He was converting this big blue trailer into a fully functioning burger cart with some YouTube videos, a six-pack of beer and his own two hands. He said he was going to sleep in the food cart once it’s open, because he had invested everything including all his time into this business venture called Hit The Spot!; and he had nothing left but unwavering faith in that Hit The Spot! was his calling. He wanted to put quality and hospitality back into fast food. That crazy old friend is my husband, Jeremy. 


I wish I could show the world the way Jeremy spoke of the vision for Hit The Spot! He answered to no one but the passion in his heart. He wants to do his family and this world right with his business. I was liberated; my lost heart found purpose at once.


I joined the dynamic duo in operating the food cart, full time, soon after it opened. And Hit The Spot! has since become a family dream. In September, 2022, we opened our very first brick and mortar on Morrison St.; shortly after we welcomed the 4th member of the Sivers' family, our daughter, Madeline. From that little orange tent at Montavilla Farmer's Market, to the first brick-and-mortar restaurant, Hit The Spot! had endured long cold winters in the metal trailer, heat strokes and grease fires in the summer heat, one global pandemic and so much more; all thanks to the blessing and support of our wonderful customers! 


Some dreams are meant to be realized, and this is ours! Thank you for making it all possible by choosing us!

Sincerely, with every ounce of my heart,

Jane Sivers

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