Colton Neiger

Sian Sang

14 x 14

It's been 5 months since anyone has challenged the record of 13 x 13, until now! Sian took down this 14 patties, 14 cheese beef tower one patty at a time! Making him the new record holder on March 5th, 2020.



Colton Neiger

13 x 13

Colton has been a returning customer, and on October 18th, 2019, he surprised us by taking down a 13 patties, 13 cheese giant burger! Making him the new male record-holder!

Colton Neiger

Claudia & Eric Owusu

4 x 4 x 2 & 12 x 12

This power couple blew us away by conquering a 4 patties, 4 cheese with 4 bacon; and a 12-patty cheeseburger! Making her the female record-holder, him the male record-holder on September 7th, 2019


Colton Neiger

Jake Grant

11 x 11

Jake took down his 11 patties, 11 cheese burger tower like a piece of cake! Making him the male record-holder on July 25th, 2019.


Colton Neiger

Steven Farmer

8 x 8 x 8 

Steven devoured his 8 patties, 8 cheese and 8 bacon burger in just under 5 minutes! Making him the male record-holder by weight on June 27th, 2019

Colton Neiger

Max Carnage

10 x 10

Big Max is the first competitive eater who took our record to a double digit 10 x 10! And he easily devoured his burger under 5 minutes! Making him the male record holder on March 31st, 2019.



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